Heart Attack

The skilled and compassionate doctors, cardiologists, and staff at DMC Medical Group provide advanced cardiac care. Turn to us to help you navigate the difficult path of heart disease and cardiac events such as a heart attack. Our goal is to facilitate the best outcome possible.

Understanding a Heart Attack

The heart is a vital organ that pumps blood throughout the entire body to supply it with oxygen and other nutrients. A heart attack occurs when the flow of blood to the heart is blocked. Also referred to as a myocardial infarction, this is a serious and life-threatening emergency that requires immediate treatment. Fortunately, there are procedures and treatments available that vastly improve the outcome of a heart attack. If you or a loved one are experiencing a heart attack, call 911 immediately.

Symptoms of a Heart Attack

It is possible to experience a heart attack without any clear signs. Additionally, men and women can experience vastly different symptoms. That said, when they do appear common symptoms include:

  • Pain in the Chest & Upper Body
  • Perspiration
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Lightheadedness

Causes of a Heart Attack

The primary cause of a heart attack is coronary artery disease in which the blood vessels that lead to the heart become blocked due to a buildup of plaque and cholesterol. It is also possible for plaque that has accumulated in an artery to rupture and form a clot, which then interrupts the flow of blood. Men are generally more likely to experience a heart attack than women and the likelihood increases with age for both men and women. There are also certain risk factors that include:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Tobacco Use
  • Drug Use
  • Stress
  • Family History of Heart Attack
  • Sedentary Lifestyle

We encourage everyone to be aware of their potential risk for a heart attack and heart disease in general. Prevention is the most valuable tool available to avoid a life-threatening event.

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