Heart Disease Prevention

DMC Medical Group believes in taking a proactive approach to heart disease prevention. By adopting heart-healthy lifestyle choices and being aware of your risk for heart disease, you vastly improve your chances of avoiding life-threatening cardiac events. Turn to our caring doctors to create a customized prevention plan that works for you.

Heart Disease is Life Threatening but It Doesn’t Have to Be

Heart disease is an umbrella term that encompasses several conditions related to the heart, the most common being coronary artery disease. When left untreated, heart disease can be fatal. It is possible to have heart disease without being aware of it until heart failure or heart attack occur. For this reason, being aware of your personal risk for heart disease and maintaining regular checkups to assess the state of your heart health are imperative steps.

Establish heart-healthy habits. Start with your diet by eating high-fiber foods, avoiding saturated fats, and limiting sodium and sugar, as well as alcohol consumption. Participate in regular exercise on a daily basis such as walking, running, biking, yoga, or whatever works for you. Diet and exercise are important components of maintaining a healthy weight. Avoid or quit smoking cigarettes as this action vastly increases your potential to develop heart disease.

Know your family history. If you have a relative who has any form of heart disease, this automatically increases your risk especially if they are a parent or sibling. You can’t control your family history, but you can be hands-on about your habits and lifestyle to reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

Stay on top of your medical conditions. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes are all risk factors for heart disease. You should take any prescribed medications as instructed and remaining vigilant about where your condition stands. Checking your cholesterol levels, controlling your blood pressure, and managing your diabetes will reduce your risk for heart disease immensely.

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With DMC Medical Group, you are an integral member of your heart health team. By remaining in-tune with your health and communicating openly with us, we can establish a plan for prevention. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.