Peripheral Vascular Disease

Your team of vascular specialists at DMC Medical Group are adept at diagnosing and treating complex conditions including peripheral vascular disease. You receive the most comprehensive care possible to help you navigate through your journey.

Understanding PVD

Peripheral Vascular Disease, or PVD, is a circulation disorder in which blood vessels become narrow, blocked, or begin to spasm. This disease progresses slowly and gradually worsens over time. Atherosclerosis is the most common cause of PVD. This is when plaque, or fatty deposits, build up inside the wall of an artery, vein, or lymphatic vessel. It could also be caused by an injury to the arm or legs, infection, or muscle irregularities.

Symptoms Of PVD

It is possible to be diagnosed with PVD without experiencing any symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they include

  • Leg Cramping During Exercise
  • Changes in the Skin
  • Weak Pulse in the Legs & Feet
  • Gangrene
  • Hair Loss on the Legs
  • Impotence
  • Muscle Numbness, Weakness, or Heaviness
  • Severe Pain in the Blocked Artery
  • Wounds That Don’t Heal
  • Mobility Restrictions
  • Thick, Opaque Toenails

Diagnosing & Treating PVD

To accurately diagnose PVD, we will perform a physical exam and learn more about your medical history. From there, other tests may be necessary such as an angiogram, which is an X-Ray of the arteries and veins used to discover any areas that may be narrow or blocked.

Treatments will start with lifestyle changes that include quitting smoking, adopting a healthy diet, and exercising regularly. Certain medications may be prescribed to improve blood flow. Existing conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol can make PVD worse, so ensuring that they are being properly managed is imperative. Vascular surgery or angioplasty may be required in more extreme cases of VSD that do not respond to other treatments.

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