Procedures for Tubal Ligation in Detroit and Southeastern Michigan

The women’s health doctors at DMC Medical Group provide services for tubal ligation in Detroit and southeastern Michigan. We provide services in Bingham Farms, Bloomfield Hills, Commerce Township, Dearborn, Detroit, Farmington Hills, Hartland, and Livonia. Also known as tying tubes or tubal sterilization, this is a permanent form of birth control where the fallopian tubes are cut, tied, or blocked to permanently prevent pregnancy.

Tubal ligation works by preventing an egg from traveling from the ovaries through the fallopian tubes, and by preventing sperm from traveling up the fallopian tubes to the egg. This procedure does not affect menstruation, and can be done at any time, including after childbirth or in conjunction with another abdominal surgery, such as a C-section. Most tubal sterilization procedures can’t be reversed, and when a reversal is attempted, it requires major surgery and is still not always successful.

While a tubal ligation makes it so that birth control is no longer necessary, it does not prevent STDs. This procedure may also reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, especially when the fallopian tubes are removed. There are many factors that determine whether or not this procedure is right for a patient, and your physician will discuss this with you if you are considering this sterilization procedure.

There are some potential risks that accompany a tubal sterilization procedure:

  • Damage to the bowel, bladder, or major blood vessels
  • Reaction to anesthesia
  • Improper wound healing or infection
  • Continued pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Failure of the procedure, resulting in a future unwanted pregnancy

Factors that can increase a patient’s risk of complications from tubal ligation include a history of pelvic or abdominal surgery, obesity, and diabetes.

If you are considering a tubal sterilization procedure in Detroit, the caring and knowledgeable women’s health physicians will go over whether this is procedure is appropriate for you, what to expect from the procedure, and how to prepare. For all of your gynecological health needs, call DMC Medical Group at (888) 542-7028 to schedule an appointment.